403 Bath Towel 64X127

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403 Bath Towel 64X127 Bath Towel Towel
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403 Adult Bath Towel
Tuala Mandi Dewasa
100% kapas
100% Cotton
Berat: 170grams
21s Yarn count
Warna - Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, White
Serap air Tahan lama
Tidak luntur
Tidak turun warna
Bulu lembut & sejuk Bulu tidak mudah tertanggal
Bath Towel
100% Cotton
# What you see Same you get *********
Size = 67x127cm

Washing instruction:

For warranty claim for this product:
We will accept return/refund for factory damaged product.
We will not accept change of mind of product.
This product is non-refundable/returnable unless damaged.
For towels, upon return, the item should not be used/washed due to hygienic purposes - if found that the item has been previously used, no refund would be issued.
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